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 International Co-Operation
International Co-operation

Viglacera-Exim always focused on the multilateral, diversified business operations, strengthen relationships with foreign partners to contribute to the development of Vietnam building materials industry. Over the recent years, the company constantly keeps on promoting the co-operation with international partners in all business fields.

Viglacera-Exim is now a traditional partner of many famous suppliers in Italy, Germany, Spain , France, USA, China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, providing high quality sources of raw materials, chemicals, machinery and construction materials for Vietnam market.

Viglacera-Exim has developed a network of distribution of Vietnam construction materials in many potential markets in the world, such as: India, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Cambodia , South Africa, Russia, Ukraine, Spain, United States, etc.

Viglacera-Exim was selected by many famous partners to be exclusive distributor in Vietnam market for many types of imported materials, chemicals and home appliances products.

Viglacera-Exim constantly promotes cooperative international trade under the joint venture link. Recently, the company has set up a joint venture with GlassKote Malaysia to establish and operate Viglacera GlassKote J.V. Company.

Viglacera-Exim regularly participate in International trade fairs specialized in construction materials to look for business opportunities with foreign partners and to update the advanced technology in the construction materials industry.

Many projects and co-operative programs with partners in foreign countries have been conducted to further enhance the capacity and business opportunities of company in the future.

We, Viglacera-Exim, always welcome all partners to come and set up a mutual beneficial business relationship on a long term basis!
Development Strategy
1. Maintaining a sustainable growth basing on maximum the company’s strength
2. Applying advanced management skills and setting up an efficient personnel structure. 
3. Taking timely innovation to meet various requirements of customers.
4. Strengthening international cooperation and expanding the areas of new business investment.
5. Promoting "Viglacera-Exim" to become a strong brand name in Vietnam

Business Culture
1. Respecting all Vietnam traditional ethical and cultural values.
2. Building and consolidating a friendly and collaborative working environment.
3. Observing the democratic and freedom right of company’s members.
4. Encouraging innovative and learning behaviors in the organization.
5. Actively participate in social activities to contribute to the society’s development
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